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    An Interview With Darby
    by Pete

    Question: So, Dude, what's your favorite color?

    Darby: Blue.

    Q: Pick a number from one to ten.

    Darby: What?

    Q: Dude, I ask the questions.

    Darby: That's not a question.

    Q: Fine. Will you pick a number from one to ten?

            Darby: You need better questions.

            Q: I've got great questions.

            Darby: Then ask me some.

            Q: Okay. What's up with you and that little red-haired chick in P.E.?

            Darby: What are you talking about?

            Q: I saw the two of you whispering and giggling

            Darby: We're just friends.

            Q: Sure, smoochie-smoochie friends.

            Darby: This is supposed to be a serious interview.

            Q: Oooo, Darby, you're sooo cute when you get mad. Smoochie smoochie.

            Darby: Cut it out, Dork-face.

            Q: Darby's got a girlfriend. Darby's got a girlfriend.

            Darby: That does it. You're dead meat.

            Q: Hey, get off me, Lizard-breath.

            Darby: Then, get serious and start asking some real questions.

            Q: Okay, okay. I'll ask some real questions.

            Darby: Finally.

            Q: Okay. Darby.

            Darby: Yes.

            Q: Did you just cut the cheese?

            Darby: Pete!!!

    All Materials Copyrighted 2001 James J. Jenkins